IT cost of ownership

The challenge:

To obtain a competitive advantage by ensuring your rands are invested in the right assets.

Many companies are struggling to ensure their investment in IT infrastructure is properly aligned with their business requirements.

The CIO’s challenge:

  • What is my current IT capacity situation and what is being done to address issues?
  • What will the picture look like in 30-60-90 days?
  • Where can I optimise and reduce cost without affecting service?
  • How do I go about right-sizing my IT environment should I want to move to the cloud?

The problem:

The business either has too much infrastructure, resulting in high cost of ownership and cost of excessive software licensing, resulting in wasted money and high operating costs;


Insufficient IT infrastructure, which may result in affecting customer satisfaction and internal operational administration efficiency from slow IT response times, resulting from poor performance of their systems.

The solution:

Don’t despair if you believe your organisation has not “right-sized” your IT environment to meet business needs.

We help your organisation to derive optimal business value from its information technology (IT) infrastructure investment.

With our capable team of specialists, we are able to accurately establish how much computer resource and storage resource you are using, and how much you should be using.

Vast savings can be realised by ensuring the capacity of your resources is fit for purpose, by reclamation of resources and re-allocation of resources.

Our reclamation process ensures substantial savings and cost alignment in keeping with your expectation to obtain maximum return on investment for your processing and storage platforms.

Enter capacity and performance management, a critical IT discipline that helps you to provide IT infrastructure to the business at the right time, in the right volume and at the right price. Effective capacity and performance management balances cost against capacity, as well as supply against demand, to ensure enough IT resources are available to meet current and future business requirements.

Understanding capacity is like understanding your strengths. It provides you with a competitive advantage and shows you whether your precious rands are invested in the right assets.