Business Centric Approach

Mentpro solutions adopt a business centric approach to identify, recommend and manage the implementation of Business, Management and IT disciplines. The skill set includes Business Consultants, Management Consultants, Strategists, IT Professionals, Mentors, Educators, Project Managers, Risk Managers and more.

Mentpro – The Nature of our Business

MentPro brings together the benefits of expertise, experience and efficiency in a services organization which puts the client at the center of the solution. The nature of our Business is to provide a wide range of IT services to medium and corporate companies at a strategic level as well as at the ground level. MentPro also acts as an enabler for organizations to mature their people and processes thus maximizing output.

Mentpro Ethics and Vaues

Values and Ethics

The name MentPro is derived from the term Professional Mentorship. We pride ourselves on the fact that our ethos is hinged on sharing and dissemination of experience and knowledge. MentPro’s principles and values reflect an attitude of integrity, openness, hard work and social responsibility.

Our Passion

Our primary passion is helping our customers to ensure their information technology resources are right-sized to meet current and future business requirements in a cost-effective manner. 

Mentpro Passion

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