Infrastructure capacity planning: rightsizing and optimising the MentPro way

Motivated by the emergence of big data, digitisation, the evolution of infrastructure hosting technologies and the surge in big data and volumes, today’s IT infrastructure environments need to change and transform in order to meet current and future business processing demand.

According to Gartner’s “Changing role of the CIO” Survey (October 2017), “growth” was found to be the number one priority for 2018. In order to mitigate the growth processing demand, organisations need to adopt an agile infrastructure and operations (I&O) methodology. This approach, however, needs to be carefully managed, applying best practice frameworks and principles throughout the IT landscape. Without these interpretations, one could soon find oneself caching revenue at the expense of an overly complex and expensive IT footprint.

In light of the above, MentPro ( is ideally placed to deliver an infrastructure-based capacity rightsizing and optimisation exercise to obtain quick wins in order to recommend the correct processing power required, as well as identifying licensing cost avoidance/repurpose.

Infrastructure capacity rightsizing and optimisation

In 2018, IT managers are still feverishly planning and budgeting for their IT environments, preparing strategic action plans, drafting continual service improvement (CSI) plans and refining current processes

In conjunction with the above, IT managers should be asking themselves the following questions:

* Is my Infrastructure used in the most cost-effective way?
* Do I have any infrastructure rightsizing strategies in place?
* What optimisation strategies am I embarking on?
* How can I reduce my licensing cost?

Fortunately, by making use of MentPro’s capacity optimisation and infrastructure rightsizing service, budget can now be allocated to areas where it is needed most, by reallocating, reassigning and repurposing infrastructure resources, thereby creating and freeing up additional capacity. MentPro will methodically analyse workloads, scrutinise processing windows and intervals.

Armed with this freshly gathered information, MentPro will produce a capacity optimisation plan which will include relevant findings of IT resources where infrastructure optimisation and rightsizing can be applied. Detailed recommendations are then proposed with the emphasis on how your current IT landscape can be optimised, as well as where immediate cost avoidance and saving benefits can be realised.

By applying disciplined intelligent infrastructure scaling approaches based on accurate and trusted data, cost efficiencies can be maximised and wasteful expenditure and under-utilised resources can be proactively identified.

Rightsizing is an integral part of the MentPro Capacity Optimisation process and some of the key outputs from this exercise are real usage and processing information to determine actual IT efficiencies as well as identification of any shortfalls or over-allocations. Furthermore, by applying predictive analytics on this information, future processing requirements and possible throughput issues will be identified.