When your business expands or updates its IT infrastructure, you need to be able to predict the changes and challenges to come.

Instead of being purely reactive when an issue emerges, or over-provisioning at great cost, Capacity Planner allows you to use advanced statistical techniques and scenario modelling to plan for these changes.

  • A complete view of what is happening across your server compute
  • Improvement opportunities are highlighted
  • Powerful predictive capabilities for capacity events
  • Visibility of future capacity events 
  • Correlate application and infrastructure data
  • Forecast the impact of an increase in business demand on key application
  • Scenario reports  to show benefits, costs, and potential savings


Capacity planning as a service

  • SaaS means rapid time to value, with minimal effort
  • Minimises need for analytics skills in-house

Big data approach

  • Capacity Planner deals with large scale data volume and variety
  • Capacity Planner uses data from existing tools

Powerful predictive analytics engine

  • Recommends optimisations
  • Provides warnings of future problems
  • Identifies risk to business services

Forward Thinking scenario modelling capability

  • Minimises risks associated with change
  • Minimises costs to accomplish transformations

Application Demand Modelling

Powerful analytics, available anywhere

The only SaaS product on the market that complements your APM investment by providing predictive and prescriptive analytics to quantify the impact of business or infrastructure change on your application performance. Helping you to ensure customer experience is maintained at the level the business expects.

Capacity Planner - Report

Regain control by reporting on application resource allocation, usage and cost on a per line of business, business service, application.

Capacity Planner - Recommend

Improve service, manage costs and reduce waste by identifying areas where resource allocation and usage are imbalanced.

Capacity Planner - Predict

Become more proactive in your management, avoiding potential problems before they become business affecting.

Capacity Planner - Plan

Create predictive models of future headroom and future performance based on the evidence of previous transactions.


CAPACITY PLANNER - A Simple Four-Step Workflow

Data Collection and Input 
  • Physical server inventory and configuration
  • Virtual server inventory and configuration
  • Data on the utilisation of each server and virtual machine
Generate a Baseline View
  • A view of your infrastructure growth trends
  • See your headroom for growth.
  • Visualize your data in the form of a sunburst chart representing your infrastructure
  • Generate reports  to reflect your infrastructure and resource utilisation
Create a Forward Thinking Scenario
  • Simulate changes to your Baseline
  • View data and instantly see the outcomes
  • Schedule and plan different stages of a scenario
  • See the impact of changes over a period of time
Plan for Action
  • Export your scenario in an easy-to-share report
  • Use reports to support investment decisions
  • Communication with stakeholders across the business

Operational Phases

Capacity Planner addresses a wide number of use cases across various operational and transformational phases of IT infrastructure management. Below is a general list of these phases with an overview of how Capacity Planner can help address them.


Planning phase

When your business is planning for change, Capacity Planner helps you ensure that enough physical and virtual server and storage capacity is available to meet the new demands of the IT infrastructure.

Running phase

As part of your day-to-day operations, Capacity Planner can extrapolate growth and behavioural trends in your existing data and predict potential capacity issues in advance, so that you can take action.

Optimisation phase

Capacity Planner can help you to continually improve and optimise your infrastructure, whether you’re looking to reduce your server estate, make best use of the infrastructure you have available, or evaluate outsourcing options for infrastructure on demand through cloud services.
icp benefits


  • We will help improve the  availability of the service to your customer
  • Potential service availability issues are identified and corrected before they negatively impact service
  • High availability influences your reputation in the market place
  • The levels of Availability required are agreed, measured and monitored to fully support
  • Meet your Service Level Agreements
  • The frequency and duration of IT Service failures will be reduced over time
  • Help you IT support organisation add value to the business

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